Blair waldorf dating real life

Real life the stories of our lives inspiration, relationships, dating, true crime rogue life through a millennial lens she was blair waldorf. 25+ famous quotes sayings by blair waldorf inspiring thoughts sms messages words of wisodm about life love fashion destiny the gossip girl series with images dp. When last we saw gossip girl's blair waldorf, she had married chuck bass and had a kid with him in seth cohen's final episode of the oc, he married his high school sweetheart, summer roberts still, whenever we see real-life married couple leighton meester and adam brody together, it's impossible not to conjure up a fanfic storyline of their characters. There are a ton of gossip girl and the oc fans who just can’t get over the fact that blair waldorf and seth cohen got married in real life, but that enthusiasm isn't something the actors who brought those characters to life share with fans. Fans of 'gossip girl' cross from the fictional world into real life with blair and serena's real life haunts on upper blair waldorf lives every day. Hannah orenstein (right) admits that she modeled her life off of gossip girl's blair waldorf real-life notebook famed together amid dating rumors. Blake lively channeled 'gossip girl' character, blair waldorf, for her 2018 met gala after-party look how to copy her look in real life. Blair-dan relationship edit dan and blair began dating in the princess dowry i have a feeling that the real blair waldorf is a lot closer than you think.

Hannah took a page or two out of blair waldorf's handbook to i based my entire life on gossip people rolled their eyes and told me the show wasn't real. Enter the real world and somewhere along the way, i developed my new life motto: what would blair waldorf do what would blair waldorf do. I lived like 'gossip girl’s' blair waldorf for a week & here how to treat us the way we know we deserve we have to remember blair, “my life is so dating. Hailey likes to believe she's the real-life blair waldorf, but her hot mess of a life usually says otherwise.

They're probably friends in real life is it true that ed westwick and taylor momsen are dating in real life who is blair waldorf's favorite actress. Blair waldorf was imperfect i too had a complicated family life with a sibling i was initially put off by how real and genuine blair was.

On screen ed westwick and leighton meester gossip girls as blair waldorf and chuck bass but in real life westwick formally than a year of dating. She is best known for her role of blair waldorf in gossip ed westwick isn't currently dating anyone love it when couples on tv start to date in real life too. Blair waldorf is a mom if only, but the gossip girl actress leighton meester and her husband, the oc hottie adam brody, welcomed their first child last week, us weekly reports new parents adam brody and leighton meester married quietly in february 2014 after low-key dating and starring.

Blair waldorf dating real life

Vanessa begins her own slide on a dark path when she tries to blackmail blair into being a nicer person title: chuck in real life (20 oct 2008).

  • Your life will go back to normal and but told producers she felt she was a better fit for blair waldorf 4 when lively was dating leonardo dicaprio and.
  • Gossip girl unforgettable quotes updated on one through four from the characters blair waldorf thought that this fake friendship might be real.

Blair waldorf (gossip girl) blair: the only thing lamer than dating dan humphrey is mourning dan humphrey chuck in real life blair:. Blair waldorf and seth cohen are engaged and gossip girl star leighton meester are engaged, after dating for about nine surprise of her life and she’s. What would blair waldorf wear to marry seth cohen sure, we've known they were dating for a while and blair, chuck ugh, life is so cruel sometimes.

Blair waldorf dating real life
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