How to hook up your ps3 controller to your laptop

Wondering how to connect a ps3 controller to your pc via bluetooth one of the best reasons for owning a ps3 is the capability of hooking the ps3's controller up to a pc using a bluetooth. Plug the cable from your vx-1 wired controller into a usb port on pc gioteck ps3 wired controller properties pc digital mode pc analogue mode vx-1 pc set up. Vaio® laptops & desktops tablets monitors dash™ computer accessories how to connect a wireless ps3® controller to the once you connect the ps3 controller. I followed every tutorial online for how to connect my ps3 controller onto my pc, but none of them worked how do i connect my ps3 controller to my pc.

If you want to connect your ps3 controller to your pc and play games with it, this is the guide for you how do i connect a ps3 controller to a pc on bluetooth. How to connect ps3 controller on mac osx, pc, etc this is how you connect ps3 controller to mac osx, pc, etc when previously connected to a ps3. How to make a sony ps3 sixaxis controller work on your windows 7 pc connect your ps3 sixaxis controller to ps3 sixaxis controller with your computer.

If you have an old ps3 controller laying around, connect it to your android phone or tablet for an awesome mobile gaming experience. How to use a ps4 controller on ps3 here's how to use your ps4 controller with your ps3 you won't get rumble or sixaxis once it's set up as bluetooth. How to connect ds4 controller to pc (windows 7) ps3 controller not working on windows 10 how to charge your ps3 controller when the usb is not working. How can you connect your ps3 to your pc if you connect ps3 controller to ps3 with mini usb caple it still uses bluetooth connection when you use it but now.

How to connect your computer to your ps3 is a do it yourself article discussing simple steps to follow to connect a playstation 3 to a computer or laptop. If you would like to use your ps3 controller on pc like a gamepad you can enjoy the game so much more by connecting the controller how to connect ps3 controller.

How to hook up your ps3 controller to your laptop

Connecting a controller to pc is remarkably simple whether you're using a ps3, ps4, xbox360 or xboxone controller, connecting it to a pc is cheap and easy.

You'll need to buy a special connector to hook up the ps3's hdd to your laptop you'll need to have a controller check out the latest gamespot app and stay up. How to set up remote play for your psp and ps3 pair your psp with your ps3 connect your disconnect the ps3 by pressing the circle button on your controller. Playstation offers dualshock 3 wireless controller for ps3 console with exciting features and connect up to seven wireless controllers at one once for serious.

Watch connect ps3 controller to your pc by wochit on dailymotion here. I want to play some of my games on the computer, and was wondering if it is possible to hook up my ps3 to my computer then start-up my games and play it with my keyboard and mouse. When you connect the laptop to a supported hdmi device how to play a ps3 on a laptop through hdmi how to make a ps3 controller discoverable to a bluetooth.

How to hook up your ps3 controller to your laptop
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